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Stunning ‘Atmosphere’ Lighting by Chiara Lampugnani


Just found this terrific lighting collection by designer Chiara Lampugnani. I’d include this in ANY project I was working on; contemporary or traditional. If you’re in Paris for Maison et Objet, check these out for sure!


Homo Sapien Tool: Ahead of its Time

This is ingenious and hilarious! Throw all those gadgets in the recycling heap and just get this big rock!


Peter Benarcik’s Great Green Designs

Over at Ligature we are featuring award-winning designer, fabricator and educator Peter Benarcik. Be sure to check his work out, it’s awesome.

Peter Benarcik has worked with nationally recognized architecture and industrial
design studios in addition to developing his own multi-disciplined
design studios.


Art Newspaper TV launches

Just heard about this today, The Art Newspaper is launching a webTV channel. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this on the net, but until then, good luck to Art Newspaper TV

Picture 2

From the press release:

The Art Newspaper is proud to announce the launch of a web TV channel
for the art world. It features interviews with key collectors,
curators, dealers, artists, and art world luminaries.

The Art Newspaper TV aims to further the success of
The Art Newspaper and continue to provide breaking news, art market analysis and insight for the art world, online.


Magic Pen Writes in Helvetica from Plexifilm

Got this in my inbox today. The hilarious group over at Plexifilm [same guys who made ‘Helvetica’] are giving away official Helvetica-writing pens with any purchase of ‘Objectified’ swag. Ha! I love this idea. If it had command-z as well, I’d buy a gross…

Magic pen writes in Helvetica

Ahhhh… technology. The geniuses at Plexifilm have spent the past two
years developing a Sharpie pen that actually writes in Helvetica! This
pen is so experimental that it’s priceless… literally. You can’t buy
one, but you can get one free with any Helvetica-related purchase
(DVD, T-shirt, etc.). Get your free pen while they last. It’s a great
gift for that person in your life with sloppy handwriting…

* Warning: if you are John Downer or Marian Bantjes then the pen will
actually write in Helvetica. Otherwise, your results may vary. Do not
swallow. Keep away from open flame and co-workers. May cause

Ligature Volume 2: Barbara Kosoff Collages Out Now


Ligature Online is a micro-site produced by Big Fig Design Group. It will be by and about artists making unusual connections that just released Volume 2: Barbara Kosoff.

As regular readers already know, we are big fans of anything that puts two and two together and comes up with six. Barbara's work makes us smile. From the press release:

"Many artists who have worked in the commercial art world might very well be satisfied with the challenges and rewards that world provides; Barbara Kosoff is not one of those people. Drawing on her diverse experiences as a designer and art director, Barbara has turned to collage to express her unique voice."


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