Daniel Flahiff Daniel’s film and video work has been screened at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the Los Angeles Times Media Center, and at the 2000 Telluride International Experimental Cinema Exposition. His essays, interviews and criticism has appeared in Inhabitat and Worldchanging. He lives and works in Seattle, WA. [e-mail]

Akira Rabelais “Born and raised in South Texas, one of his childhood pastimes involved shooting metal plates with bb guns so that he could experience the unique sound that it caused. That fascination with sound, combined with a philosophical and literary bent (his favorite surreal and magical realist snippets of literature are on his website, helped lay the path for the musical creations he has been issuing since 1990 — he describes himself as a “composer writing software, not an engineer making music.”

Dorothy D. Superhuman powers and uncanny images. Dorothy lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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