Stunning ‘Atmosphere’ Lighting by Chiara Lampugnani


Just found this terrific lighting collection by designer Chiara Lampugnani. I’d include this in ANY project I was working on; contemporary or traditional. If you’re in Paris for Maison et Objet, check these out for sure!


IPSVM Skateboard Design by Loren Kulesus

Every so often a design comes across the desktop that just blows me away. IPSVM is one such design. Purely a prototype, the board nonetheless kills as an idea. Imagine shredding on this beauty! The fact is, I would never actually skate on this, it is just too beautiful.


Art Newspaper TV launches

Just heard about this today, The Art Newspaper is launching a webTV channel. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this on the net, but until then, good luck to Art Newspaper TV

Picture 2

From the press release:

The Art Newspaper is proud to announce the launch of a web TV channel
for the art world. It features interviews with key collectors,
curators, dealers, artists, and art world luminaries.

The Art Newspaper TV aims to further the success of
The Art Newspaper and continue to provide breaking news, art market analysis and insight for the art world, online.


Art Basel Miami: Let the Games Begin!


Kim Joon, Bird Land-Armani (detail), 2008

Just got this great summary from Artkrush who will be on the scene again this year bringing you all the goodness to be found. Be sure to keep checking back as the month develops…

of bursting bubbles and crashing markets has bled through the front
page and into the art sections of today's news. And so, as crates of
canvas arrive in Miami postmarked from around the world, the most
coveted position available in today's art world is that of the


The Fabulous Stains at Grand Illusion 9.12.08

FabulousstainsThis rarely-seen cult classic never recieved a theatrical release! I saw a crappy VHS copy in college and haven’t seen it since. Great cameos from The Tubes, The Clash and The Sex Pistols.–and now the awesome Grand Illusion theatre in Seattle is screening it tomorrow night in celebration of its release on DVD.

As soon as I get done typing, I’m clicking over to Amazon to pre-order my copy.

See y’all tomorrow night!

Elgin Movement Recycled Cufflinks by SteamPunk

Move over Prina, there is a new kid on the block. Check out these tight cufflinks designed by Watch-cufflinks á la Steampunk; take a defunct designer watch, pull out the guts, slap on a link back and voila! you’ve just upcycled some junk into a fashion accessory guaranteed to start a conversation! Check out the huge selection and get yours here…

Glow, All Night Art-mania on Santa Monica Pier

So you couldn’t make Coachella because you got the flu. You couldn’t use your comped tickets to WMC because of a business trip to Birmingham. And you completely flaked on SXSW. Well now is your chance to make up for it: Glow, this weekend on Santa Monica Pier…

Here are some highlights via Thrillist:

Primal Source: Surreal
images projected on this beach-based 40-foot wall of mist’ll move based
on the sounds of voices around the installation, allowing you to see
what "Dude, that’s totally a 40-foot wall of mist!" looks like.

The Amazing Mental Scope: Get hooked up with an EEG, then climb on the ferris wheel, and your brainwaves will be displayed
via flashing lights on a cylindrical LED display. Onlookers will enjoy
the soft glow of your Pleasure Center as you enjoy top-of-the-wheel
"special alone time".

Poetry Boat: Use
the provided phone to call the three poets on this off-shore boat, and
they’ll compose and read back to you on-the-spot custom poetry. Why are
they out on a boat? Because that’s where they put people with leprosy.

the while, there’ll be a kickin’ soundtrack from Djs like KCRW’s Garth
Trinidad and Postal Service member Jimmy Tamborello, aka Dntel —
himself so accustomed to late-night shenanigans he once took his own E.

Check out all the craziness at GLOW

Editta Sherman, photographer, in her apt. for 58 yrs!

Jill over at New York Mag sent me this this morning. A great article 'romancing the city'…

"The high-ceilinged, light-filled studios on top of
Carnegie Hall have housed artists, musicians, and writers for more than
a century; now, the remaining tenants are fighting to stay."

read the rest here

[UPDATE: CNN reports that Ms. Sherman is holding firm! Way to go Editta!]

"They can pay me $10 million. I'm part of history," she said. "You want
to tell me they don't have enough rooms? They have a building of rooms.
This place is history, and I think Carnegie, the people running it, I
don't think they think about that."

Read the rest here

On Ugliness by Umberto Eco

UglybettyJust read a great review of Eco’s "On Ugliness" in the Telegraph. I confess a weakness for Eco’s essays and fiction, but Brian Dillon pulls no punches in his attempt to put Eco into historical place. Worth the read, made me want ot read him again:

"By the Romantic period, the grotesque and the sublime were established as aesthetic categories, and the decadents of the late 19th century loved nothing more than a deathly consumptive countenance. In the wake of 20th-century avant-gardes, unadulterated beauty looks saccharine, immature or kitsch. We seduce only with our faults, wrote Baudrillard. Or as Johnny Rotten put it: there’s nothing so boring as a pretty face."

read the rest after the jump HERE

Local Shop Makes Good: Blackbird in Ballard Must see!

Blackbirdstorefront "In recent years, Ballard has become a destination Seattle neighborhood for those in the know, thanks to Scandinavian industrial charm, a few new bars, restaurants, a gallery, music stores and boutiques—including the standout men’s clothing boutique, Blackbird.

With a good selection of the labels we know and love, some of the more obscure and lesser-known brands, like the Italian shoemaker Marsèll, put the two-year old store a cut above the rest. They even have a great men’s jewelry collection that introduced me to the hard-to-find brand Alksndlia, a company that creates vintage rings and necklaces with old-world appeal. New in this fall are items from Raf Simons, Wings + Horns, Partik Ervell and Robert Geller. Next spring will include pieces from Tim Hamilton, Henrik Vibskov, Harmon and Wrath Arcane…"

via Cool Hunting

5410 22nd Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107 map
tel. +1 206 547 2524

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