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Quand le Lion Saigne, les Chacals Reprennent Courage


“When the lion bleeds, the jackals take back courage.” –Author Unknown

Incredible Red Hook Vendor’s Booth Re-design Competition

Just heard about the winners of the first phase of the competition. Great work everyone and good luck with the next phase…

“Architecture for Humanity New York (AFHny) announces a month-long ideas
competition in search of innovative concepts for a new market place for
the Red Hook Food Vendors in Red Hook Park, Brooklyn.”


Una Noche en La Chiva


I can’t look away! If you need any explanation, head over to:


Brad Pitt’s Sustainable City Completes First Six Homes

Just heard that the first six, LEED Platinum certified homes in Brad Pitt’s rehab project in New Orleans are now finished. The homes use sustainable materials and donated time and effort to come in under the symbolic $150,000 budget.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

via Architectural Record

Art Newspaper TV launches

Just heard about this today, The Art Newspaper is launching a webTV channel. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this on the net, but until then, good luck to Art Newspaper TV

Picture 2

From the press release:

The Art Newspaper is proud to announce the launch of a web TV channel
for the art world. It features interviews with key collectors,
curators, dealers, artists, and art world luminaries.

The Art Newspaper TV aims to further the success of
The Art Newspaper and continue to provide breaking news, art market analysis and insight for the art world, online.


Art Basel Miami: Let the Games Begin!


Kim Joon, Bird Land-Armani (detail), 2008

Just got this great summary from Artkrush who will be on the scene again this year bringing you all the goodness to be found. Be sure to keep checking back as the month develops…

of bursting bubbles and crashing markets has bled through the front
page and into the art sections of today's news. And so, as crates of
canvas arrive in Miami postmarked from around the world, the most
coveted position available in today's art world is that of the


Northwest Film Forum Holiday Party, 12.4.08

Got this in my inbox. Be there or be, well, out of luck!

Happy Holidays from NWFF 

Please come to our annual holiday party!

Happy HolidaysThursday, December 4, beginning at 7pm
at Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave (between Pike & Pine on Seattle's Capitol Hill)

The sun is setting at 4pm, so it must be time for our annual Holiday Party!


* DJs warming your chestnuts with festive, danceable tunes

* Vintage holiday TV shows

* Back alley dreidel games

* Your favorite film critic as Santa!

The film community is coming out for some holiday cheer. 
Join us for
dancing, camaraderie and the second annual building-wide eggnog

more here:

Happy May Day; May 1, 2007

Socialism Happy May Day Comrades!


Nashville is Sprawling, Audacious and Brilliant

Be sure to check this one out:

“Rightly considered both a critical and popular masterpiece, director Altman’s 1975 film, Nashville, is a sprawling, audacious and brilliant mixture of political analysis and soap opera that features 23 major characters, all on a collision course with the American dream. This love letter to the film, the director and the cast is based on Newsweek movie critic Stuart’s interviews with all of the cast and crew members who are still alive. He ably evokes the artistic excitement that galvanized the set amid the chaos of the filming (Altman, a great believer in improvisation, told his actors to ignore the script on the first day of filming), as well as the tensions that surfaced when the exacting, often cranky director clashed with many of his stars.

Highlights are the insights of performers like Lily Tomlin, who relates how feminism and lesbianism shaped her wonderfully tender sex scenes with Keith Carradine (who claims to have ‘just wanted to get laid’ during the filming), and Barbara Harris, whose insistence on relying on her improvisational training at the Second City put her at odds with Altman. Stuart is at his best detailing the strained and often painful relationships between the stars, particularly Ronee Blakley, who played the film’s central character, and the director. More an overview of the film and its principal players than a sustained critical analysis or a day-by-day account of the filming, this amiable journalistic account will please the film’s legion of fans more than it will film critics or historians.”

Link: Nashville Chronicles : The Making of Robert Altman’s Masterpiece: Books: Jan Stuart.

via Wit

A Sounds Eclectic Evening: Partay-hartay w/Nick Harcourt


Though we are still bitter about Nic taking the morning slot from Chris Douridas, still, he’s done a pretty good job. And he’s a nice guy, so how bitter can we be?

Live Onstage:

Exclusive After Party with:

More Artists TBA plus Surprise Special Guests, check this page for announcements and updates!
Tickets go on sale to KCRW members only on Thursday, February 15, 2007 at 11am
Tickets go on sale to the general public on Tuesday, February 27
Pre-register at and click on “My Account.”

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