Sustainable Forest

According to CNN, the UN is reporting that at least 10 million new jobs could be created by employing “sustainable forest management” in developing countries.

“The report does not mention any countries but is aimed at “mainly regions with substantial rural unemployment and degraded land areas,” said C.T.S. Nair, chief economist in the U.N. Forestry Department and one of the authors of the report.”

It is of course assumed that the UN is referring primarily to Asia, Africa and Latin America. But India, China and All countries in Africa were mentioned specifically.

Sustainable forestry aims to prevent depletion of forests by managing them and making sure their use does not interfere with natural benefits or the local environment….

…the United Nations is suggesting that people be hired to monitor and manage how much wood is taken out to ensure the forest does not become depleted and can grow back fully. Managers also would make sure the wood harvest wouldn’t affect biodiversity and the water supply.

deforestation-2I guess the key to the success of such a program is that it be more profitable to be a forest ‘manager’ than it is to be a forest ‘harvester’.

It’s a great idea and I hope the UN can put some teeth into the plan that will make it actually work. We need advocates on the ground in these areas that will look to prevent deforestation, but they will only do so if they feel that the interests of regulatory agencies like the UN and their own interests are in alignment.

Here’s to a great start!