This idea is a home-run: rent storage containers for your next move instead of buying/borrowing/scavanging boxes and save up to 50% on your move.

Big claim, true. But have a look at the concept: “Rent-a-Green box is America’s first, comprehensive, zero-waste pack and move solution made entirely from post consumer recycled trash mined from local landfills. Our mission is to provide relocating business and residences with an authentic and genuine earth friendly packing and moving alternative that will save time, money and Earth.”

Here’s what they do. Call them up, make a date and pay up. Then they deliver, you pack and move. Finally, when you’ve unpacked, they come pick up the containers. That simple. Genius.

And that’s not all to this moving system. Doubters, please check out all the tertiary components that make great strides toward a completely waste-free moving system:


“Geami is the modern day eco friendly replacement for petroleum based bubble wrap and it’s made from 100% recycled cardboard sludge. Geami is made right on our trucks from our own self generated power supply, in rolls of 100 or 200 linear feet and is half the cost of bubble wrap.”


The Poopy Pallet is made from “over 700 recycled baby diapers and yes they were once used- but have no fear… they were cleaned, sanitized and the anaerobic polymers ( the stuff that will never break down in our landfills) is used like bindingg filament to make the Poppy Pallet. It’s remarkably strong and durable.”


Expandos are truly “Cradle to Cradle” technology.

“Image all of those cereal boxes, food related packed goods and just about anything that’s put into a paper fiber box or paper container. It’s recycled and the fibers that are no longer good enough for another packaged product are made into 100% post consumer, recycled flat sheets ready to make Expandos. We take these sheets and then convert them into these cool little triangles that interlock, brace and block your property from moving around in transit. What’s so amazing is that when you’re done, just put them back into the supplied recobag and we’lll reuse them again and again. Eventually, when they wear out, we just recycle them into more Expandos. Another zero waste, trash based, green sensible packing and moving alternative from rentagreenbox!”


Another helpful product is the recobag, a great story. The designer heard about a sail-maker that had a bunch of unusable sail material destined for the landfill. One thing lead to another and the recobag was born. Now Rent a Green Box uses these 100% recycled bags to transport recocubes, transports and flat sheets.


And the recocube! Probably my favorite product in the line, the recocube is made from ‘unusable’ recycled newspaper sludge. They add nutrients to the sludge, compact it into these cubes which are used exactly like packing peanuts. Only when you’re done with recocubes, you can toss them in your compost heap, or on your garden and they will fertilize your vegetables. This product actually NOURISHES the earth! Brilliant!


And reco-zips set the standard as well, use, peel, and toss in the toilet. Really. No waste, no problem!


And finally, reco-zips. Made from, “100% recycle plastic bottle caps that we remove from all of those hard to recycle plastic bleach, detergent and household chemistry bottles that are used to make our word famous lime green [ recopacks ].

Rent a Green Box is operating in Southern California for the moment, but is planning on expanding across the country in the near future. So the next time you’re planning a move, be sure to check them out. I know I will…