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Poladroid: The easiest and coolest Polaroid’izer’ out there!

Now that the turkey is eaten and we have hundreds of digitals pics that we don't know what to do with, and now that Polaroid is a thing of the past, why not go for the washed-out, greenish Polaroid look, sans the waving, rubbing and otherwise useless efforts to get the thing to develop.

Now we can get our fix at Poladroid, a new site dedicated to turning all your pristine digital photographs into terrible-looking, but nostalgic versions of their former selves.


30 Brilliant Typographic Solutions

We just got our issue of Typography 29 in the mail over here and so we've been deep in the typography of things lately. Here is an excellent collection put together by Noupe.




Ronald Jenkees Absolutely ROCKS!

Jaw-dropping, killer skilz! [yes, it’s an act, but who cares! gotta luv the guy]

Ligature Volume 2: Barbara Kosoff Collages Out Now


Ligature Online is a micro-site produced by Big Fig Design Group. It will be by and about artists making unusual connections that just released Volume 2: Barbara Kosoff.

As regular readers already know, we are big fans of anything that puts two and two together and comes up with six. Barbara's work makes us smile. From the press release:

"Many artists who have worked in the commercial art world might very well be satisfied with the challenges and rewards that world provides; Barbara Kosoff is not one of those people. Drawing on her diverse experiences as a designer and art director, Barbara has turned to collage to express her unique voice."


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