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“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

–Antoine de Saint-Exupery French writer (1900 – 1944)

Glow, All Night Art-mania on Santa Monica Pier

So you couldn’t make Coachella because you got the flu. You couldn’t use your comped tickets to WMC because of a business trip to Birmingham. And you completely flaked on SXSW. Well now is your chance to make up for it: Glow, this weekend on Santa Monica Pier…

Here are some highlights via Thrillist:

Primal Source: Surreal
images projected on this beach-based 40-foot wall of mist’ll move based
on the sounds of voices around the installation, allowing you to see
what "Dude, that’s totally a 40-foot wall of mist!" looks like.

The Amazing Mental Scope: Get hooked up with an EEG, then climb on the ferris wheel, and your brainwaves will be displayed
via flashing lights on a cylindrical LED display. Onlookers will enjoy
the soft glow of your Pleasure Center as you enjoy top-of-the-wheel
"special alone time".

Poetry Boat: Use
the provided phone to call the three poets on this off-shore boat, and
they’ll compose and read back to you on-the-spot custom poetry. Why are
they out on a boat? Because that’s where they put people with leprosy.

the while, there’ll be a kickin’ soundtrack from Djs like KCRW’s Garth
Trinidad and Postal Service member Jimmy Tamborello, aka Dntel —
himself so accustomed to late-night shenanigans he once took his own E.

Check out all the craziness at GLOW

Billy May’s Torn Lighting Concept

Some great work here by Billy May. Taking LEDs he installs them underneath sculptural assets fixed to the wall board and designed to look as though the wall board is peeling, waving or similarly unexpected feats. I particularly like it when he uses the corners as ‘seams’. It gives the effect that the walls are made of fabric, making the space feel much lighter and open even though not a single inch has been added to the space.




Nice work

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