Hockney And now for something REALLY different:

"If you’ve been yearning for controversy, why not meet Mr. David Hockney? Commonly know as "Britain‘s best-loved living painter," Hockney has suggested that the proliferation of the iPod has been a primary contributor to the recent "fallow period of painting." He insists that today’s society is "all about sound," and even mentions that people are turning off their eyes and ignoring contemporary art whilst "plugging their ears." Put simply, he believes the modern "decline in visual awareness" rests heavily on Apple’s own cash cow, and further stirred the pot by insinuating that it led to "badly dressed people" who cared not about lines nor mass. As expected, a spokeswoman for Apple Australia refuted the claims, and while we certainly have seen no shortage of brilliant creations since the iPod explosion, there’s always two sides to the canvas.

So absurd, it must be a grab for publicity (though Mr. Hockney would not seem to need it) right? More proof that radical changes can fluster even great minds.

via Endgadget