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Quarto Potere (Citizen Kane)- Typography Triumphs Again!


Citizen Kane
(Orson Welles; 1941)

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“Flight: A Novel” by Sherman Alexie

Alexie_caseyphoto5 Local boy Sherman Alexie has a new novel on the shelves after a 10 year hiatus. I’ve only just cracked my copy, but the NYT is raving (sort of). My review to follow:

And yet, for all the death and violence he navigates, Zits clings to small moments of connection in the lives of his temporary souls — a wife to come home to, a father to comfort him, a friend with whom to soar to the heavens. “Flight” might be categorized as a novel for particularly precocious young adults, but it also works on deeper levels. It’s raw and vital, often raucously funny, and there isn’t a false word in it.

–Tom Barbash, NYT

Get off the Anti-depressants; Smiley Eau de Parfum

If this stuff works, it will save me thousands on meds and therapy. I can’t wait to give it a try…

Smilieyworldassociation_2  Smiley Eau de Parfum:
French fragrance and body care line Smiley claims to contain antidepressant ingredients, possibly making it the world’s first form of topical Zoloft. Unlike regular prescription drugs, the range of Smiley products are universal and are not meant to be used in moderation. These formulations, which are for both men and women, claim to contain happiness-inducing bionutrients derived from cocoa extract that stimulate the psyche. And regardless of its mood-enhancing properties, we like it for its sweet scent reminiscent of baked goods.

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Camp Kerala @ Glastonbury, May 22-25 ’07

Campkerala_tr Heading to Glastonbury this year? Finally? Well as long as you’re paying through the nose for those tickets, why not pull out all the stops? Hey, The Who might even be there:

"Generating buzz among Glastonbury attendees since it was featured at the 2005 festival, Camp Kerala’s spacious, mirror-embroidered tents are modeled after the traditional Indian Shikar. Accommodations include imported Italian mattresses, Hungarian down duvets, Greek sheepskin rugs, adjoining bathrooms, and outdoor deck chairs for the veranda. Gourmet breakfast and access to the private 18 hour bar and chill out area (with views of the stages) make the festival experience unusually luxurious. If you’re not attending this year’s Glastonbury, you can still experience the luxury of Camp Kerala: interested parties can rent out the tents, or even the entire village, for various events (birthday bash anyone??)." — Trendcentral

Camp Kerala
ph: 01749 86 00 77

Jim Shaw’s “Donner Party” @ P.S. 1; May 24 – Sept. 24, 2007


Jim Shaw’s work has always impressed me with it’s conceptual rigor, but perplexed me with it’s technical slumming. I mean, the guy has some real drawing chops, but he keeps making these teenagey, comic book drawings. We talked about it when he made studio visits in grad school. I remember Jim telling me stories about the work he was doing in animation studios in LA to make ends meet. Maybe his (frankly ugly) drawing style had to do with that bad-boy rebelling (a theme throughout his work) I was thinking that would never be me; neither the bad-boy, nor the animator. But then I found out how much the studios paid! Good-golly, that boy was smart! Thanks Jim:

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center is pleased to present the U.S. museum premiere of Jim Shaw’s large-scale installation The Donner Party (2003). This ambitious work most directly references the Donner Party’s ill-fated 1846 journey across the Sierra Nevada mountains in which they were caught in a blizzard and resorted to cannibalism. The installation contains a plethora of other references as well, to historical figures, religious movements, popular culture, and, pointedly, to Judy Chicago’s 1979 installation The Dinner Party. The exhibition will be on view in the Third Floor Main Gallery from May 24 through September 24, 2007. –PS 1 Press Release

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Warhol Painting Sets Record

Warholcrash Thinking about chucking it all to become a professional artist? Could be lucrative, all you have to do is work 24/7 for years, become famous in your own time, die young, have an enormous body of work…oh, and be a genius:

NEW YORK.- This past evening, Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art sale became the most valuable auction ever in the category, and the second highest art auction in history at $384,654,400. The sale’s highlight was Andy Warhol’s epic Green Car Crash (Green Burning Car I) which sold for $71.7 million. Seventeen works sold above $5 million and 74% of the works sold above their pre-sale estimate. Buyers were 47% American, 19% European, 18% Asian and 16% other. Christie’s achieved the world record for any art auction when its November 2006 Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale realized $491 million. –

Booze and Pills Stirred the Hell Within: Jerry Lee Lewis according to Nick Tosches

Jerrylee "The booze and the pills stirred the hell within him and made him to utter hideous peals. At times he withdrew into his own shadow, brooding upon all manner of things — abominable, unutterable, and worse. At times he stalked and ranted in foul omnipotence, commanding those about him as Belial his minions. He was the Killer and he was immortal — damned to be, for as long as there were good and evil to be torn between in agony. He would sit backstage in a thousand dank nightclubs, and he would know this, and he would swallow more pills and wash them down with more whiskey, and he would know it even more. He would walk like a man to the stage, with his Churchill in one hand and his water glass of whiskey in the other, and he would pound the piano and sing his sinful songs, and he would beckon those before him, mortals, made not as he to destruction from the womb; he would beckon them to come, to stand with him awhile at the brink of hell. Then he would be gone into the ancient night, to more pills and more whiskey, to where the black dogs never ceased barking and dawn never broke; he would go there."

— Nick Tosches

(NOTE: there is a great discussion going on about Tosches "biblical" prose over at Charlie Parker after the jump…)

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The Ars Poetica Machine by Ted Berrigan

Spafford_10thway A poem should be palpable and mute
as a globed fruit,

As old medallions to the thumb,

Silent as the sleeve-worn stone
Of casement ledges where the moss has grown –

A poem should be wordless
As the flight of birds.

– Ted Berrigan

also see Ars Poetica by Archibald MacLeish

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‘Who are you going to believe, your eyes, or my words?’

“In one of the Marx brothers’ films, Groucho, when caught in a lie, answers angrily: ‘Who are you going to believe, your eyes, or my words?’ This apparently absurd logic renders perfectly the functioning of the symbolic order in which the social mask matters more than the direct reality of the individual who wears it. This function involves the structure of what Freud called ‘fetishist disavowal’: ‘I know very well that things are the way I see them, that the person in front of me is a corrupted weakling, but I nonetheless treat him respectfully, since he wears the insignia of a judge….’ So in a way, I do believe his words, not my eyes.”

–Slavoj Zizek

Link: YouTube – 911 Mysteries.

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Fruit Bats @ Tractor May 12/2007

Tractor Not to miss…

"Obtuse lyrics and swamy backwoods roots folk-pop"

CALIFONE EJ of The Fruit Bats
9pm ~ $12
Tickets also available at Sonic Boom!*

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