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Hel-FUCKING-vetica; type-geeks unite!

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Prince Portraits c. 1978; Robert Whitman @ The Black & White Gallery, Chelsea




The Black & White Gallery in Chelsea is hosting an exhibition of Robert Whitman’s photos of Prince, c.1978, taken just as he was on the cusp of fame. The photos are pretty great, although I’m pretty sure a two-year-old mandrill could point a camera at Prince and take an amazing picture.

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Giant Gundam Action Figures For Sale

Gundam figure

It’s 150cm X 90cm × 45cm in size. I don’t know how tall japanese people are on average but she seems a bit small. Anyway, this is the biggest Gundam action figure available for sale and, perhaps the biggest action figure in the stores right now. Naturally, these are made in Japan.

Link – via Tokyo Times

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Iraqi Death Toll Project @ U of O

Flags_s The Monthly Review has a great story on this project at the U of O.:

Veterans, community groups, and campus activists organized an action of solidarity to make the University of Oregon the second school in the nation to visually represent the Iraq death toll.  Two hundred volunteers placed 112,000 white flags around school property, with each flag representing 6 Iraqi lives destroyed during the US occupation.  3,000 red flags represented the US soldiers killed during the war.

Flags_2 The sea of white stretches across our campus grounds this week as a solemn symbol of the magnitude of destruction of human life caused by the current imperialist war.  655,000 dead Iraqi citizens.  How can we comprehend the vastness of this figure?  By politicizing the public space that surrounds us in our daily life.  By reminding ourselves, and those around us, that each day lives and limbs are being sacrificed by a mechanism of destruction that so easily disregards these losses as a statistic, often not even a headline.

Pimped Leaf-blower, DIY

For all you suburban hipsters. Be jealous; be very jealous:

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There are many leaf blowers out there, but this one… is Steve’s – Link.

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Chicago Art Institute sports Bears Helmet

Edward_kemeys_lionsI’m not sure what could have possesed the powers that be at the Chicago Art Institue to think this was a good idea.

Looks like they drank the Kool-Aid.

Has anyone told Kemey?

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Barney, Sally Mann, and Ryan Humphrey on the tele tonight

50s_tv It’s a great night to be a homebody: the lineup (all times ET):

  • At 7 pm: Watch Matthew Barney and Nancy Spector in conversation at the Hirshhorn. Their chat, mostly about the influence of Joseph Beuys on Barney’s work, will be broadcast live on the internets via this link. (It will also be archived after the event.)
  • At 7 pm: Steven Cantor’s documentary on Sally Mann, What Remains, will have its first US television presentation on Cinemax. I wrote about the film last year when it debuted at Sundance: Part one and part two.
  • At 11 pm: Artist Ryan Humphrey is part of the cast of Bravo reality show Top Design.
  • thanks MAN
  • Baldessari @ Portikus; Purity, temptation and the Garden of Eden

    Baldessari_snake_webCongratulations to the legendary John Baldessari, who is opening at Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany on the ninth. Interesting description of the shows thesis, though we are fairly sure there is a translation issue:

    "In more than one way, the exhibition points toward the incompatibility of purity and temptation, as described also in the Christian myth of the Garden of Eden. Baldessari employs the universal symbolism inherent in his motifs as a means of visual invention…" (emphasis ours)

    I’m just guessing, but I think John might say, rather than illustrating the "incompatibility" of purity and temptation, his work often deals with the idea of their mutual dependency; there can be no purity without temptation and vice versa.

    Eden: Adam and Eve (with Ear and Nose)
    Plus Serpent.

    Opening: February 9, 2007, 8 pm
    Exhibition: February 10, 2007—March 18, 2007

    Conversation with the press: February 9, 2007, 11 am
    John Baldessari speaks at the Städelschule: February 10, 2007, 3 pm

    Alte Brücke 2 Maininsel
    60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Telephone 49 69 962 44 54-0 Fax 49 69 962 44 54-24

    American Hardcore & The Filth and the Fury; tonight @ New Beverly Cinema


    If you’ve not had the chance to catch these before (or like myself, only vaguely recall "Filth" and never got around to seeing "Hardcore") then show up at 7:30 tonight at the New Beverly:

    American Hardcore (2005) & The Filth and the Fury (2000)

    when: Wed 1.31 (7:30pm)
    where: New Beverly Cinema (7165 W Beverly Blvd, 323.938.4038) map 
    price: $7
    links: Event Info

    Filthandfuryposter From Flavorpill:

    "While the Sex Pistols were an undisputable force in early punk rock, a number of books and films have alleged that the band and their success were more the creation of manager Malcolm McLaren than the members themselves. Unlike past docs, Julien Temple’s The Filth and the Fury offers both sides of the story, taking the band’s version of events into account. The film plays tonight alongside American Hardcore, Paul Rachman’s exploration of DIY anarchy in ’80s America. Following acts like Black Flag, the Minutemen, and Bad Brains, the film offers stunning insight into a movement far too loud, fast, and violently anticommercial to make it in the mainstream. (DRC)"


    Bill Burns @ CSUF; Safety Gear for Small Animals

    Billburns_sgsalogo Bill Burns is hilarious and quite brilliant. I don’t share the view that beneath his work lies a, "frightening warning about our stewardship of the environment." Surely that would reduce these objects to the role of public service announcements. But see for yourself:

    From the press release: "Over the past ten years, Toronto-based artist Bill Burns has created a fascinating world of finely-manufactured model safety and rescue gear for animals, along with drawings, illustrations, and instruction manuals for rescuing, relocating, and rehabilitating animals—all produced by his “company,” Safety Gear for Small Animals (SGSA). CSUF Grand Central Art Center and CSUF Main Art Gallery share this exhibition as the only U.S. venues to feature Burns’ exceptional collection of works.

    BillburnsCal State Fullerton Main Art Gallery
    February 3 – March 9, 2007
    Opening Reception, Saturday, February 3, 5-8 p.m.


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